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Fluke Networks JackRapid™ Punchdown Tool

Fluke Networks JackRapid™ Punchdown Tool

SKU: 59-17-3693

Patented jack termination tool allows you to terminate jacks 8 times faster.


  • Cuts installation time - easy to use handle, seats and cuts all wires at once, saving you up to 1 minute installation time per jack!
  • High quality, consistent terminations - no more compromised connections and wasted jacks
  • Simple, one-handed operation with an ergonomically designed handle reduces hand fatigue
  • Unique design easily accommodates close-to-wall installation
  • Replaceable blade head for use with multiple jack types

Terminate jacks 8 times faster


  • Strip cable jacket.
  • Determine wiring scheme. Dress all 4 pairs (8 wires).
  • Insert jack in JackRapid front first with IDC slots facing blades of JackRapid.
  • Ensure jack is completely and securely inserted in jack holder bed with IDC slots facing the blades.
  • Pull trigger completely and remove excess wire prior to releasing trigger.
  • Wires will be seated and cut for a solid termination.
  • Release handle and remove jack from JackRapid tool. Visually verify proper termination.
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