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Fluke Networks NX8 CT Pocket Toner Kit w/ 8 ID

Fluke Networks NX8 CT Pocket Toner Kit w/ 8 ID

SKU: 59-17-0008

Connect. Detect. Protect.


The Pocket Toner® connects to any voice, data, or video cable to detect open/short circuits, continuity, AC/DC voltage* and dial tone* all while protecting up to 52 volts.


The Pocket Toner comes in three models and several different kit configurations so no matter what your job, you can safely install and test.


  • Low-voltage circuit protection for both the unit as well as the detachable cable toner
  • Dual audible indicators in the main body and detachable buzzer toner units
  • Removable push on connectors
  • Auto shut-off
  • Easy-to-read indicators
  • Male and female adaptable toner section
  • Removable push-on connector
  • Lightweight, durable anodized aluminum body

The Pocket Toner NX8-Cable and Telephone Kit is the most popular kit used for "Triple Play" installations. This kit contains all the essential adapters for identifying and testing  telephone and TV cables. Additionally, the Dial Tone Detective™ (DTD) can instantly indicate the presence of a dial tone and proper polarity at a voice jack.


Simply place each of the numbered ID caps on the remote ends of the cables to test then connect the main unit to the other end of the test cables one at a time. If there is continuity, the green LED on the ID-cap will light and the main unit will show the ID cap's number (1-8) on its digital display. In addition, the audible indicator in the main unit will emit a short tone. The PTNX8 also tests for the presence of both AC and DC voltages from 6v-52v.


  • Test cables 8x faster with 8 ID caps—with LED to indicate continuity
  • Low-voltage circuit protection (6v-52v) in main unit and toner unit
  • Eight segment LED displays five different test results
  • Main unit "beeps" when line condition changes
  • Bi-gender toner unit with removable Speed 81™ coupler
  • Two buzzers to indicate continuity
  • Test polarity with the Dial Tone Detective™ adapter
  • Auto shut-off feature extends battery life
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