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Fluke Networks Intellitone Pro 200 LAN Kit MT-8200-60-Kit

Fluke Networks Intellitone Pro 200 LAN Kit MT-8200-60-Kit

SKU: 59-17-8260

Digital network cable toner and probe traces and locates cables on active network.


IntelliTone digital toning technology:


  • Ends network cable location confusion, decisively rejects noise and false signals
  • Network cable tracer locates cables on active networks, even when terminated at a switch
  • Isolates cable and wiring within a bundle, despite cable bleed
  • Confirms cable location, verifies cable continuity, and detects cable faults (opens, shorts, and reversed pairs) in one step
  • Probe has built-in pair tester to identify open, shorted and crossed pairs
  • Signal strength indicator LEDs so you can help identify one cable that is bundled with other cables


SmartTone® analog toning technology:


  • Isolates individual wire pairs precisely by changing tone when shorted
  • Effectively traces and locates voice, audio, and video cabling

The professional tools you need to cut, strip, clean and connect wire and cable in datacom and telecom applications. All-in-one ergonomically designed pouch for convenient tool storage on belt to make your job easier. Includes: D914S™ Impact Tool, Electrician's D-Snips, Cable Stripper, Mini Maglite®, Sharpie® pen and an EverSharp™ 66/110 Cut Blade

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