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Fluke Networks Cable Stripper (Round Cable)

Fluke Networks Cable Stripper (Round Cable)

SKU: 59-17-1123

Cable strippers and Cutters include double slotted, plenum, round, coax and combo.


  • Full line of cable and wire strippers
  • Double-slotted stripper for 22/24 gauge wire insulation
  • Round cable stripper for a variety of flexible round cable
  • Coax cable strippers with two or three levels
  • Combo stripper for multiple wire types and applications

Fluke Networks offers a variety of cable stripper and cutters for coaxial cables, UTP/STP telephone and data cables and other flexible cables.  Telephone installers use the double-slotted cable stripper for 22/24 AWG wire installation. Use our coax cable stripper to perform 2-level and 3-level stripping of RG58/59 coaxial cables.


Our cable stripper's adjustable blade depth to "score" without damaging shielding and conductors.  And, our combo stripper is a highly versatile tool that quickly cuts and rings Teflon, smoothly slits fiber, copper, electric and coaxial cables, and rings 25-100 pair cable without nicking the conductor.

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