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Fluke 301A Clamp Meter

Fluke 301A Clamp Meter

SKU: 59-07-3101

Key features


  • The body weighs only 132g and is 16mm thick, which is light and portable and can be fitted into a pocket
  • The slim and thin jaw of only 10mm can easily clamp onto tightly packed wires
  • 400A AC range, 0.01A high resolution
  • Tests voltage, resistance and continuity
  • Tests current frequency and voltage frequency
  • Tests capacitance and diodes

Product overview: Fluke 301A

The Fluke 301A Clamp Meter has a lightweight and compact body, which allows you to carry it around in your pocket. The slim and thin jaw can easily clamp onto tightly packed wires. The Fluke 301A tests current, voltage, resistance, continuity, frequency (voltage and current), capacitance, and diode, etc.. You can handle more testing needs with it.

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