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Tips for organizing thermal images

Once you’ve collected thermal images of all your equipment with your infrared camera, the challenge is how to stay on top of them. The good news is that powerful software is available for both PCs and mobile devices that makes it easy to view, track, optimize, and analyze infrared images.

You can use this software to:

  • Transfer images directly from your infrared camera to your PC or to the cloud and know they’re automatically assigned to an asset in your facility.

  • Save thermal imaging data directly to a work order if repair is indicated.

  • Create custom thermal imaging reports and sort by capture date or modified date.

  • Quickly and easily compare baseline, historical, and current infrared images of an asset with its corresponding mechanical and electrical measurements all in one place to easily spot anomalies as they emerge.

  • Identify potential preventive actions by reviewing asset status over time.

  • View images in the way that works best for you—in a preview pane, tiles, or as a list—so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

  • Set up a hierarchical asset structure to track your thermal images and other maintenance data on each asset in relation to one another.

  • Prioritize your workload by quickly scanning the most recent status updates on key assets.

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